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Makeup Artists

Adora Stebbins

(Artist, Makeup Artist specializing in: tutorials, prom, graduation, and special occasions makeup including stage makeup)

Make sure to be prepared for your makeup session.

Weather it is for prom or a wedding consultation it is recommended to bring pictures of looks that you might like to have for your special occasion as a reference for the makeup artist.

As for makeup looks that are to be photographed, here are some helpful websites to look at to get a perspective on what might be needed:

Renew your makeup look with FREE color testing of all products

Basic Instruction

A 30 minute lesson that goes over the basic application of foundation, eye and lip makeup.


Full Instruction

A detailed 60 minute lesson that goes over all makeup steps and application.


Special Event

Full makeup for prom, parties and other occasions.

$45.00 for half an hour and $65.00 for one hour

Pre-Wedding Consultation

This trial run is essential to make sure your special day goes perfectly.


Wedding Day

Extra care and time is put into this application to make sure you are flawess and beautiful for your wedding.


Bridal Party

Members of your wedding can also get their makeup done along with you!

$45.00 each


Pricing depends if we are supplying the lashes or applying the clients own. 

$5.00 for own $10 for our lashes


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